A Place to Live, Fully and with Purpose.

Bay Bluffs – Emmet County Medical Care Facility is a medical facility, but also a home which goes beyond the medical care model to embrace the resident as an individual with interests and talents, preferences and needs.

Bay Bluffs is a community-based, long-term care facility with over five decades of service to the region. Colleagues utilize “Positive Approach to Care” training and techniques for residents with dementia to live safely and happily. Bay Bluffs is a highly-regarded choice for short-term rehabilitation.

We take care of people. Some just need some extra help. Some are at the end of a long, dignified life and depend on us to guide them through it. Some are healing through rehab and staying for a short time. What’s more, residents and their families give Bay Bluffs a very high or high rating in overall quality care, and 100% of respondents would recommend Bay Bluffs to others seeking a long-term care facility. 


Were a bit of an outlier when it comes to retention and satisfaction. In an industry that averages a turnover rate of 52% among both nursing staff and administrators, Bay Bluffs has an 80% retention rate. That means that were doing something right. 

A strong support network helps every employee reach their potential. Individualized coaching and mentoring build the skills necessary in a setting where patient care requires adaptability and flexibility. As a result, colleagues feel valued and supported. That is how one measures a viable career.


Bay Bluffs is highly regarded both locally and regionally, garnering recognition at the national level: US News & World Report’s and Newsweek’s Best Nursing Homes of 2024. Additionally, Bay Bluffs is among 31 Michigan nursing homes to score a 5 out of 5 rating in the US News ranking, based on results compiled by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, including data from 15,000 nursing homes across the 25 states having the highest number of facilities (Michigan has 430.) Now, that’s how we define care!



Staff Retention Rate


Bay Bluffs is among the Top 10% of Nursing Homes in the United states…there are over 13,000 facilities


Resident & Caregiver Satisfaction

“How very fortunate we are to have Bay Bluffs Care Facility in our county. My recent stay there for some rehab was a pleasant experience. I would like to thank all the wonderful people for my care so lovingly given. I’m doing well because of it…”

~ Letter to the Editor, The Harbor Light

“They give excellent care.
The staff is great and hardworking.”

~ Comment from a Family Satisfaction Survey

“(Mom) is completely happy…She really likes the care and the people. I talk to her and ask her how does she like this place and she says that they are good to her. That means a lot to me., What more can you ask for, when her mind isn’t always working right but she is happy? If she is happy, I am happy.”

~ Comment from a Family Satisfaction Survey

“Everyone is very genuinely wonderful…They are nice to everyone. I notice how much that they really care for their patients.”

~ Comment from a Family Satisfaction Survey