You’ve Got a Lot of Living to Do


 With active cases of COVID-19 detected in Michigan, we have determined that our Resident population is too vulnerable to risk having exposure to any influenza or pandemic (coronavirus). Based on guidance from CMS, the CDC and our Emergency Preparedness Team, no visitors will be allowed into the facility. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates. 


The mission of Bay Bluffs is to provide exceptional care with compassion and dignity.



Bay Bluffs will be the progressive leader in person-centered care, provided by highly-skilled staff, utilizing the best clinical practices and latest technology.



  • Exceptional care: for the residents and loved ones entrusted in our care
  • Respect: for everyone all the time
  • Teamwork: to meet the unique needs of those we care for with outstanding service
  • Adaptability: flexible and open to change
  • Dedication: to creating the best living and working environment possible

So what does that all mean? It means that the entire Bay Bluffs team, from housekeepers to nurses and administration, will strive to provide each Resident with individualized care and attention to give them the best possible experience while they are here with us. Our staff will work together with the resident and family to provide outstanding service, while remembering that the Residents aren’t living in our workplace, we are working in their home. It means that what is best for those entrusted in our care is at the forefront of our decision making process.